HC Andersen - New Danish Fairytale

"As a child, the future world-famous story-teller Hans Christian Andersen, would help his mother collect and dry plants and herbs for the pharmacy in his housin block, which was also home to a distillery. This was probably the source of his fascination with all different types of plants and vegetation, which later came to life in countless fables and fairytales. To what extant it influenced the writer´s fondness for a little nip now ans then is something we can only guess at. But it´s certain that Hans Christian Andersen´s poems, stories and paper cutouts are loved all over the world, and inspire generations with their fine sense of nuance and detail. It´s in his spirit that we have created New Danish Fairytale - a series of unique spirits distilled from the finest organic ingredients in Andersen's homeland. The ambition is to capture the poetry of Denmark's nature in taste variation that are poetic and eternal."

Creators - Jes Mosgaard and Dan Schumacher

Juuls Engros A/S har den store glæde at distribuere disse enestående produkter, du finder udvalget af Gin, Akvavit og Likør HER!

NB! Alle produkterne kommer i hver deres unikke gaveæske, som dem der ses herunder!




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